(Solved): Exploration of Emotional/Mental Health in Pregnancy


(Solved): Exploration of Emotional/Mental Health in Pregnancy

Goal: To explore and describe an emotional/mental health issue of a childbearing family and analyze the findings relative to family nursing research and family theory. Assignment: Students will select an emotional/mental health issue that may be experienced: Student must choose one of the following – Dealing with infertility A loss in pregnancy such as miscarriage or stillbirth The birth of a child with a health issue The lack of support during pregnancy A loss of body image for the woman Fear of being a new mother or father Lack of preparedness for the baby Sibling rivalry Post-partum baby blues Post-partum depression Postpartum psychosis Having a traumatic birth experience Experiencing breastfeeding issues Having a premature infant or an infant admitted to the NICU The experience of an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy Experiencing addiction to drugs or alcohol during pregnancy Having a high risk pregnancy 1. Research literature and theory should be utilized to support the paper. A minimum of 3 scholarly journal articles must be utilized to support the paper. At least 2 of the 3 articles must come from the Nursing literature. 2. Describe the issue you have chosen and how it relates to the emotional/mental health of the childbearing family and nursing practice. Incorporate nursing or related theory and describe how the issue relates to the theory/theories chosen. 3. Based on analysis of the literature discuss health promotion strategies and interventions to support family adaptations and the care of the childbearing family experiencing the chosen issue. Include rationale for the strategies suggested. Essay Guidelines: – The body of the essay will be a maximum of five (5) pages in length, double spaced (12 font) (excluding title page, reference list, and appendices). • Your essay including references must meet APA standards (6th ed.) Second Printing. – Grammar and spelling are important. One mark for each grammatical or spelling error will be deducted so please use your spell and grammar check tools on your computer. – A scholarly approach to referencing ideas and thoughts of others is required.

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