(Solved): Final Project Part II: Substance Abuse in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY


(Solved): Final Project Part II: Substance Abuse in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY

Final Project Part Two: Community Intervention Plan ***I have attached my part 1 paper.*** Final Paper Part II is a continuity of the Final Project Part 1. It must flow from it. You must select one issue from the community health issues you identified in your Final Paper Part 1. You must develop a project that offers a program to provide services to address the health problem you selected. You must provide rationale for why you choose the selected issue over the others. You must describe your overall goals for the project and how they relate to Healthy People 2020 Leading Health Indicators and overarching goals. Be mindful not to confuse the topic for the Leading Health indicators. The leading health indicators are organized under the topics. Refer to the previously provided links. Your outcomes must be objective and measurable Organize the paper according to the rubric and assignment guidelines A. Develop a proposed project with interventions to address one of the issues. In Part two of your paper you will propose a plan to address one of these problems over a one year time period Final Project Part Two: You have analyzed a problem or issue in the community you have assessed. A private organization wants to promote community participatory health promotion and prevention and will award a $50,000 grant to be used over one year for a proposal that can impact health outcomes. Propose a project that would offer a program to provide services or interventions that could be effective in addressing the identified health problem or issue. Discuss why you selected the issue, determine measureable outcomes, select evidence based interventions, draft a budget and provide a timeline (Use attached forms below) In a well-constructed 750 –1000 word paper (3 – 4 pages) in APA format, address the following components of a proposal for your project – include all topics): Describe the following: Title of Proposed Community Intervention Project Plan Describe the following in a written summary: 1. Discuss why you selected one or more issues of the community identified in Part 1. Include background information that will explain the need. Provide a rationale to support your proposed project (utilize research obtained from Community Vital Statistics, Windshield Survey, Evidence on the Issue in the Literature). 2. Literature search: in addition to the vital statistics data sources that you identified in Part One, provide at least three article references within the last 5 years 3. Identify the Target population (vulnerable population) to be served by the project 4. Overall Goals of the project – how do they relate to HP 2020? 5. Determine measureable outcomes that would demonstrate improvement for each problem. Remember to use terms that list specific quantitative measurements, are realistic and have time frames. (See Healthy People 2020 leading health indicator targets for examples) 6. Identify clearly which Healthy People 2020 leading health indicators and overall HP goal would be addressed by your interventions. 7. Community participatory Partners: Who will you engage to collaborate with and offer the community support 8. Propose a budget based on the Grant Funding ($50,000) 9. Evaluation Process- how will you evaluate effectiveness of your proposed intervention plan? 10. Future Plans: How might it be sustained? Use attached Forms: 11. Activities timetable (over 1 year) 12. Outcomes (As a result of the project participants will ………) Determine measureable outcomes that would demonstrate improvement of the problem or issue. 13. Budget: ($50,000) a. Using the forms provided, attach a proposed budget indicating anticipated program expenses. b. Provide a written budget justification to give detail behind each line item. Guidelines for Paper: 1. Double-spaced, Times New Roman #12 point font, one inch margins all around. a. Include your name on the paper and submit with your last name and Final Project Part Two (e.g.: Reilly_Final Project Part Two) in the subject line. 2. This paper should be a 750 – 1000 word paper (3-4 pages) in length PLUS attachments, 3. APA format must be used (Refer to APA guidelines under tools) 4. The paper is to be written in a scholarly, professional tone with no slang or jargon phrases. 5. Submit as Word document by saving the document your computer and upload the document to Assignment Link.

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