(Solved): Goody Blake and Harry Gill By William Wordsworth


(Solved): Goody Blake and Harry Gill By William Wordsworth

Choose one of the following and write a 2-3 page essay (more if you need it). Write an introduction that provides some historical context about Wordsworth and the issues relevant to the poem; use clear topic sentences and developed paragraphs with quotations and your comments on them; and analyze the specific language of the poems and the moments when historical context enters. You do not have to answer all of the suggestions within a question. Choose what works for you. 2. Explore the meaning of the ballad “Goody Blake and Harry Gill,” focusing on the narrator, the main characters, and the social situation. What is the relation of Goody’s curse and Harry Gill’s ensuing state of mind? Think about Wordsworth’s comment on the poem—“I wished to draw attention to the truth that the power of the human imagination is sufficient to produce such changes even in our physical nature”—and connect it to the narrator’s “moral” in the final two lines. Do you think Wordsworth’s view about the role of imagination in society is the same as the narrator’s?

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