(Solved): Gun control


(Solved): Gun control

you will write a minimum of 4 pages evaluating conflicting and credible arguments. To do so, you will choose a Gun control. an excellent resource is the pro/con database, (find resource online)you will access conflicting opinion pieces about the issue you’ve chosen. For your introduction, briefly outline the gun control. Then, briefly state the position each author supports. For your thesis, state which argument you believe is correct. For the body of the essay, examine three specific points explaining why the argument you have chosen is superior to the alternate. As with the other essays, you are expected to bolster your argument with specific details that will add credibility to your claim. To do so, you will use three outside sources in addition to the two arguments you have chosen. When referencing, whether with paraphrases or quotations, use MLA style, and include all sources in an MLA-style work cited page at the end of your essay. Remember, this is an argument: you are attempting to prove your viewpoint. Remember to write chronologically, clearly and simply, and DO NOT use first or second person (I, you, we, us etc.).

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