(Solved): How enable end-users to conveniently return e-waste to manufacturers


(Solved): How enable end-users to conveniently return e-waste to manufacturers

Business Research Report ( Harvard Reference) I need to write just ‘Wicked Background Analysis’ include (Research relevant literature to discuss the key trends, themes, ideas and/or perspectives relevant to the what/how/why/who of the wicked problem. Synthesise your research by comparing and contrasting, critiquing and/or evaluating the resources found. Your resources should be a combination of, Primary resources: First-hand reports of original studies, mainly found in academic journal articles, government reports, interviews etc, and Secondary resources: Critical evaluations and syntheses of original studies such as newspaper articles and journal articles critiquing the primary research). by addressing questions like i) When did this become a problem, ii) Why is this a problem, ii) How did it become a problem, iii) Who does it effect, iv) What do we know (facts) about the problem, v) What is being done about the problem, vi) What needs to be done. Focus on what, why, when, and how questions. Exceptional Response Detailed analysis of the what/how/why the wicked problem exists and who it affects with reference to relevant literature and sources using a combination of primary and secondary sources. Analysis develops a clearly articulated explanation with in-depth insights into the bigger picture of the wicked problem providing a sophisticated discussion. Analysis of research provides a comprehensive discussion of the wicked problem and integrates research by synthesising and logically organising sources into key trends, themes, ideas and/or perspectives.

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