(Solved): How We Make Decisions- Are We in Control of Our Decision Making?


(Solved): How We Make Decisions- Are We in Control of Our Decision Making?

Learning Activity #1 Jessica Cuthbert was made Director of Cuisine at the historic all male Garrick Gentleman’s Club in London. Her appointment to the position came only six months ago and after 20 years with the club in other positions. The membership admired her management skills and her family heritage as there had been a Cuthbert at Garrick’s since 1831 when the club was founded. She worked hard in her new post. Cuthbert was known for being tough but fair in her approach to her staff. She was civil to everyone but was considered a loner by her fellow directors and remote in her dealings with others. She often judged her co-workers and found little tolerance for their sometimes less than logical thinking. Fearful that should would not be treated with respect and determined that she would be in control despite her gender, Cuthbert became overly attentive to her staff and micromanaged everyone from the lowest dishwasher to her head Chef. The staff were unhappy with the change in her treatment of them and were demoralized. They had taken to calling her “iron drawers” behind her back. Yesterday two of the clubs oldest, and controlling board members of the club, came to report her poor behavior to you. She recently was overheard by several Club members arguing in loud voices with the Chef who threatened to quit. The members said, “she cannot be seen having a “female” row again even if she is a Cuthbert. Further, the Chef is too good to have him leave. This is what you get for hiring a woman.” They want to see action. You call Jessica into your office and apprise her of the situation. She says very little but appears to be very shaken by the threats uttered by the members. She does explain that she has worked hard and that the Chef is much older than her and he wants to control the whole kitchen especially the menu. He just wants to spend money on food without understanding the costs he is generating. When you ask Jessica about her reaction to the club members concerns she draws herself up to full height and replies with defiance,” I realize that I am a woman in an all men’s club and that is a problem with many of the members. I have worked for this club for over twenty years and have always tried to act respectfully to the members and the staff. I resent being told that my behavior was due to a Female Row.” You are the general manager of the Club a position that is new to you as well and you will have to handle the situation. However, before you make your final decision report to the class the following: • What is your first impression as to how to handle Jessica and the members? • Take the Jung Typology Test at and tell the class how your personality type is reflective of your first impression? • How does your personality relate to Jessica’s? Be sure to tell the class what type you believe she is under the typology. • What about this decision that makes you feel outside your comfort zone and why? • What is your emotional reaction to Jessica’s reply to your inquiry? • Does your gender influence your initial reaction to Jessica’s response to your recitation of the member’s comments? Learning Activity #2 Make your decision. Did looking at the factors or ideas above change your initial response in any way? If so how if not, why not? All learning activities including the responses to others must contain support from the class material and the use of APA in text citations and reference list. NO RESOURCES EXCEPT THOSE IN THE CLASSROOM are to be used unless research is specifically called for in the assignment.

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