In this writing project, you will complete a close reading and offer an interpretation of a text for an audience of your peers. Begin by selecting a text that you find particularly interesting. You may choose from a host of categories, including the ones listed here: Paintings, Photographs, Sculptures, Buildings, Advertisements, Short stories, Poems, Music videos or recordings. As you read, view, listen to, and/or study the text and makes notes, consider the ways you are interacting with the text itself: What are you learning, and how is the text itself shaping your experience of it? Once your close reading is complete, formulate a thesis (or a claim) about the text. You’ll need to provide evidence to support your thesis from the text itself. You might also include evidence from secondary sources for support. Remember that depending on the scope of your thesis, your interpretation may or may not require you to do additional research beyond your close reading of the text. As you compose your interpretation, also keep in mind the conventions of structure, language, and reference that typically appear in scholarship in the humanities. Integrate them into your interpretation as appropriate. Please include a copy of the text you are interpreting and remember to cite all sources (including the text you choose) using MLA format.

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