(Solved): MGT-370- Turnaround at the Preston Plant Case Study


(Solved): MGT-370- Turnaround at the Preston Plant Case Study

MGT-370 Operations Management Week 6 – Turnaround at the Preston Plant Case Study Two Parts to this assignment: Part I: Answer the DQ’s in 50 words or more (be specific): What are the primary advantages and disadvantages of lean synchronization? Provide examples to support your opinion. Part II: Assignment Detail: Read the case study “Turnaround at the Preston Plant”, attached. Write a paper of 750 words that includes the following: o A brief summary of the challenges faced o A brief description of the steps taken to achieve a turnaround o An analysis of the quantitative tools and techniques that were used, or that could have been used, to help achieve the turnaround o An evaluation that describes which tools were most helpful, could have been helpful, and were not appropriate for the circumstances, and why o A brief consideration of any ethical or environmental concerns that affected, or should have affected, operations decisions Include a minimum of three scholarly sources. Format the paper using APA formatting.

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