(Solved): Nur 502 CLC assignment Orem’s Grand Nursing Theory


(Solved): Nur 502 CLC assignment Orem’s Grand Nursing Theory

In your group, write a report on the chosen theorist/theory that includes the following: I just have #8-10 to complete using APA format. 1. Introduction: Identify the theorist and rationale for the selection. 2. Describe the theorist (short biography and major influences on the theorist). 3. Indicate the category under which the theorist falls (can use McEwen & Wills classification or other source). 4. Incorporate assumptions underlying the theory (including how metaparadigm concepts are defined). 5. Include major concepts of the theory. 6. Include major propositions of the theory. 7. Provide examples from the literature of how the theory has been used. 8. Describe how the theory will be integrated into practice at your institution (or how it will be used as a foundation, framework, etc.). This is an action plan. 9. Give concrete examples of how theory would be integrated (e.g., assessment guide) and what patient outcomes could be measured as a result of implementing the theory. 10. Conclusion: Contrast present practice with what would take place if the theory were guiding the practice.

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