PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT DEFINE, COMPARE, EXPLAIN, DISCUS ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES, AND ANALYSE WITH DIAGRAMS. TABLE OF CONTENTS, ASNWERS TO BE NUMBERED AS IT IS IN THE QUESTION TASK ONE IS REPORT ESSAY TASK TWO IS REPORT ESSAY NOTES: 1. TABLE OF CONTENTS 2. GOOD INTRODUCTION 3. EXCELLENT BODY REPORT WITH DIAGRAMS 4. GOOD CONCLUSION 5. REFERENCES ALSO NOTE THAT ALL QUESTIONS MUST BE ANSWERED AND EXPLAIN, DEFINE AND DISCUSS, ACCESS AND EVALUATE ALL QUESTIONS WHERE NECESSARY AND WITH DIAGRAMS WHERE NECESSARY. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. TASK 3 IS REPORT ESSAY TASK 4 IS POWER POINT PRESENTATION. ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCIONS. Task 3 : Assignment (report format] Learning Outcome 3: Be able to implement and continually review own personal and professional development plan 3.1 discuss the processes and activities required to implement the development plan 3.2 undertake and document development activities as planned 3.3 Reflect critically on own learning against original aims and objectives set in the development plan 3.4 update the development plan based on feedback and Evaluation (form) TASK 4 IS PRESENTATION Task 4 Individual Presentation (PowerPoint) Learning Out Come 4: Demonstrate acquired interpersonal and transferable skills 4.1 select solutions to work-based problems 4.2 communicate in a variety of styles and appropriate manner at various levels 4.3 evaluate and use effective time management strategies Textbooks Adair, J., and Allen, M. (1999) Time Management and Personal Development. Hawksmere. London. Adair. J. (1988) Effective Leadership. Pan Books. London. Adair, J. (1989) Effective Time Management. Pan Books. London. Cameron, S. (2005). The business student’s handbook: Learning Skills for Study and Employment. 1st ed. Financial Times Prentice Hall. Harlow Chambers, R., Wakley, G. and Bright, P. (2008). Revalidation. 1st ed. Radcliffe. Oxford Cottrell, S. (2010). Skills for Success: The Personal Development Planning Handbook Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke Cunningham, I., Bennett, B., & Dawes, G. (Eds.). (2000). Self Managed Learning in Action: Putting SML into Practice. Gower, Farnham Davis, G. (2011) Make Life Work: Personal Growth for Today’s entrepreneur. Google Books Drew, S. and Bingham, R. (2001). The student skills guide. 1st ed. Gower. Aldershot, Hampshire, England: Dubrin, A (1997) 10 Minute Guide to Leadership. John Wiley & Sons. London. Forde, C., Mc Mahon, M., Mc Phee, A.D., Patrick,F.(2006) Professional Development, Reflection and Enquiry. Paul Chapman Publishing, London ( ISBN: 9781412919371) Haynes, M.E.Personal Time Management Crisp Fifty-Minute Series. Crisp Publications Inc., Seattle WA Honey, P. (2007) Continuing Personal Development, Peter Honey, Maidenhead: Honey, P. and Mumford, A. (1992). The manual of learning styles. 1st ed. Peter Honey. Maidenhead:

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