(Solved): Personal Narrative Essay


(Solved): Personal Narrative Essay

Personal Narrative Essay For your final essay, you will write a personal essay about yourself about an experience in your life that influenced your development or changed you in some way. Personal Narrative Description: Write about an experience in your life that changed you as a person, your understanding of your community and your place in it, or your views/attitude toward others or the world around you. Your task is to write an essay about when, where, why, and how this change(s) occurred. In your essay, you’ll want to clarify to your audience why this experience was significant. What happened is not enough. Readers will want to know how this experience happened and why it was important to you. To make your change understandable and credible to your readers, you’ll need to show and possibly explain what you were like BEFORE and AFTER the experience. Here are some questions that may help you begin thinking about possible topics for your essay: Was there a moment you became aware of the consequences of your gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, class, or nationality? Did an experience conflict with your community’s views that made you question those views? Did an encounter with a stranger/acquaintance/group ever alter your behavior/view of others? Did you have an experience you thought would/should change you—but didn’t? Was there a difference between your reaction to an experience and what you thought it should have been? For this essay, you will write for an audience of peers sympathetic to but not knowledgeable about your experience. You’ll want to employ the narrative devices that make a story engaging, ensuring that you make this essay interesting to more than just those who know you. Your style for this essay will be less formal than for your other two essays; you can use humor if appropriate for the subject matter and audience. Format. Your essay should be typed and double spaced, with one-inch margins, 3-6 pages. Place, the date, and the class in the upper left-hand hand corner of the first page. There should be a centered title on the first page. You should upload the first draft to Canvas Collaborations before your conference with me and upload your final draft for grading.

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