(Solved): Persuasive paper


(Solved): Persuasive paper

write a persuasive paper from the articles that are attached below You can chose to talk about any idea from them  *First, the thesis statement should be clear and shows what are you will talk about in the paper, for example if you will talk about the challenges that faced the students you should have the things that university should do to help students with these challenges and what they should not do to not cause more challenges, also can you please start the paper with a story that related from the articles. * then you talk about them in the next paragraph with more explanation *Second, this paper it also should show what are the ideas that you are trying to Persuade clearly by using persuasive words and phrases. * *Third, use a connections phrases between paragraph to show that are related. *  *Write cite in text and works cited * MLA format , 8 pages

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