(Solved): Plato and Martin Luther King Jnr.


(Solved): Plato and Martin Luther King Jnr.

1) Plato and MLK seem to disagree on the obligation of the individual to obey the laws of the state. A) Outline the position of each writer. B) Discuss in specific terms how they differ. If you believe that they do not differ, please explain your position. 2) If Plato and MLK were to meet in some kind of afterlife, could they find common ground in a discussion of the relationship between the individual and the laws of the state? Be specific in your supporting points. 3) Socrates was not a Christian, as he lived about four hundred years before Christ did. MLK was the minister of a Christian church. Do these thinkers agree on the larger question of what is right (or good), and what is wrong (or bad)? What authority does each cite for his position on good and evil (right and wrong)? This discussion might touch on the individual’s relationship with the state, but it should focus on the larger issues of right and wrong. I need about 300 words for each question, the deadline is March 22nd. I am also from other country, therefore, I don’t need this paper have perfect writing, as long as an A for a college level.

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