(Solved): Present a critical strategic analysis of the current Strategic Change with “Post Holdings buying Weetabix”


(Solved): Present a critical strategic analysis of the current Strategic Change with “Post Holdings buying Weetabix”

Present a critical strategic analysis of the current Strategic Change within the following case: Post Holdings buying Weetabix You are required to cover the following topics covered in the module:  Strategic Position of the company  Stakeholder Analysis  External Analysis  Industry Analysis The following structure is required for the submitted report:  Introduction to the report  An evaluation of the relevant levels of strategy  A critical evaluation of the key stakeholders  External Analysis – using PESTEL to identify and explore key trends  Industry Analysis – using 5 Forces to critically analyse the relevant industry factors  Conclusion The coursework is an individual piece of work. It will be 3,000 words, inclusive of appendices (+/- 10%). Please note that text in diagrams or tables will count towards the word count. It is important that attention be focused on a strategic appraisal of the company as opposed to providing lots of interesting facts over what interests you or what you find on the internet. Assessment will focus on students’ abilities in applying strategic models and frameworks in a coherent manner that enables them to develop a clear strategic view of the strategic position being studied. You do not need to reference many academic sources in this element of the assessment, but you must reference sources of company or market information. Furthermore, you must reference sources for any theoretical background that you decide to include with Harvard Style Referencing Marking Criteria  Introduce the case event a. Provide a brief overview of the case to set the key themes to be explored b. Avoid an overlong description of the company An evaluation of the levels of strategy relevant to this case i.e. Corporate, SBU a. Students should identify the generic position that guides the company activity b. Use Bowman’s clock (using products/services to illustrate the way the strategy is being met) to structure the analysis of strategic position c. Come to a clear understanding of the company’s position. They need to clearly determine how and why a differentiation strategy has been developed d. Use rivals sparingly to clarify the strategic intent of the company. Should avoid overcomplicating models e. Link to the Industry analysis that is to follow  An evaluation of the key stakeholders a. Identify and consider the relevance of a range of stakeholders that are impacted by the case study b. Map the positions of main stakeholders and analyse the impact on the company A critical analysis of the main external factors driving the strategy/ ies being explored a. Need to do a PEST or variation first then 5 Forces b. Analysis should focus on the KEY drivers of change rather than cover every issue found c. The PEST must not focus on what the company is doing but identify trends in the environment d. Models will probably contain more examples than the analysis explores. This is fine as long as the analysis has picked on the main themes  A critical analysis of the industry factors impacting on the competitive position of the company a. There should be an awareness of how the PEST and 5 Forces are linked b. Draw out and analyse the key themes that are impacting on the varied forces c. Avoid just listing a series of bullet points that offer no discussion of impact d. Develop the competitive advantage analysis with an understanding of group mapping e. Provide examples of competitive characteristics that illustrate the nature of the competitive position Conclusions & Recommendations a. Draw the main aspects of the analysis together b. Set out key points considered for strategic development Plagiarism check must be done through Turnitin.

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