(Solved): Reflective Assignment


(Solved): Reflective Assignment

Reflective Assignment (Due Aug. 19) Write a reflective essay (1 to 2 pages) in which you report on what you learned about short fiction in this course. Key questions to be addressed may include some or all of the following: (a) How has this course helped you apply critical thinking in reading and interpreting short stories? (b) Which aspects of literary theory have you learned to apply in critically evaluating stories. Provide examples. (c) Describe the core literary values of short fiction. Which stories best illustrate these values? (d) How do short stories instruct and delight at the same time? (e) Do short stories mirror our appetite for reality, fantasy, amusement, emotional closure? (f) What is the future of the short story? Will it be eclipsed by electronic media, TV sitcoms, short films, and so on? (g) If you could write a short story, what would it be about? How would you develop it?

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