(Solved): Rhetorical analysis be comparing the articles By Thomas Jefferson and Elizabeth Cady Stanton


(Solved): Rhetorical analysis be comparing the articles By Thomas Jefferson and Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Rhetorical Analysis # 2 Due:Mar23, 2017, 6:15 PM Rhetorical Analysis # 2 A Rhetorical Analysis not only dissects a specific text and offers insight into its theme, style, and structure, but can also be a useful tool to begin the academic endeavor of comparison. Again, this genre of writing demonstrates the critical understanding and assessment of any text, but requires the writer to evaluate one text in light of another. In this second Rhetorical Analysis, the writer needs to: Identify the texts at hand, including relevant publication information, and demonstrate context (In his 1978 article, “The Interesting Thing About Bugs,” biologist John Smith uses the conventions of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species to ground his own arguments). Both texts need to thus be contextualized! Highlight the central argument of the texts – restate the thesis in your own words, and how one article relates to the other. Phrases like “whereas” or “however” may be of use here! Refer, through direct quote and paraphrase, key supporting details that demonstrate the inherent comparison – 3 is ideal. For each key point you identify, provide an I-Q-E-C sequence. Introduce: Use an anchoring phrase (like “According to So-and-So” or “So-and-So claims / argues / maintains / explains / states / says / etc. ”) to explain upfront whose words you are using. Quote: Incorporate a quote from the text that relates to the key point you are discussing. Make sure to include a proper in-text MLA citation after each quote. Explain: Use your own words to break down the ideas in the quote. Connect: Discuss how the quote connects to the main argument of the text. Offer analysis as to the author’s purpose – the goal/aim of their writing, especially in light of the other text in question. Address the likely audience of the text, using textual evidence – for example, who would the audience be if an author is drawing heavily upon another writer to create their argument or inform their style. Acknowledge and analyze the structure and style of the text at hand – Is the article a book chapter, or a newspaper article, or etc.? These genres have specific conventions that should be acknowledged. This section is of greater importance this time around, since the two texts in question are in some way linked. Assess the essay – how well does the author achieve the goal he/she sets in their thesis. Length: 4-5 pages Due Date: March 23 Proper MLA style is required, including a works cited page for the text being analyzed. The assignment is worth 10% of your final grade. You will be comparing the articles By Thomas Jefferson and Elizabeth Cady Stanton on pages 764 and 769 respectively!

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