Once you have received a paper from your assigned peer review partner, please answer the following revision questions about your partner’s paper. Please provide specific and constructive feedback. You will answer the questions here and you are expected to email your feedback to your partner as well. 1.) Can you identify the thesis statement? Is it too broad? Too narrow? How could it be improved? What do you feel the focus of the rest of the paper going to be based off of the thesis statement? 2.) How can the introduction be improved? How does/doesn’t it grab your attention? Is the text that the author will be analyzing referred to somewhere in the introduction? 3.) What appeals does the author identify in the text he/she is analyzing? How do these appeals relate back to the thesis statement? Does each paragraph successfully stick to one main idea? Where in the paper are the author’s ideas unclear? 4.) How effectively does the writer analyze the text(s)? How well does he/she address the purpose of the text being analyzed? How does the paper address the intended audience of the text? The credibility/reputation of the author? 5.) How can the conclusion be strengthened? Is it merely a restatement of the thesis? If so, what new perspective(s) might the writer comment on? 6.) What grammatical issues do you suggest the writer focus on when writing the second and/or final draft? 7.) As a whole, does the essay flow nicely from one idea to the next? Where in the paper were the transitions too abrupt? 8.) What additional suggestions do you have for the author of this essay?

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