(Solved): Sensing and Knowing


(Solved): Sensing and Knowing

Re-Seeing: Essay Master Prompt Write an essay in which you engage with a question or problem of your own design that has come out of your thinking about the tension between the (what can be perceived phenomenologically through our senses) and understanding (what can be “seen” through the mind). This essay should develop an interesting and complex idea in response to your question. You will build your idea and your essay through a rigorous consideration of various types of evidence. In order to do this, you will use a variety of sources—essays and other texts and images from this class and from your own research, experiential evidence— as lenses through which you’ll consider and reconsider your encounter with your chosen exhibit/site. The exhibit/site is the thing your essayistic work interrogates—something that you make strange and new through the process re-seeing and reconsidering “through the lens of” other sources. You’ll do this in order to come to a deeper understanding of this thing’s value, power and significance. Through this process, you’ll develop an idea about the value and implications of the exhibit in question. More than this, though, this work will take you back to the question of your own about the tension between vision and understanding– it will help you reconsider and refine this question. Assume your audience for this essay is another section of Advanced College Essay– one that has not read the same essays you have. Strive to overcome The Curse of Knowledge as you reveal your thinking to these smart people: what are you trying to say to them? Why do they need to know? What do you need to tell them about your evidence or the steps of your though process so that they can follow you in your thinking? PRACTICALITIES Your essay must use at least two of the essays we’ve read in class as sources of evidence (though remember that sources play different roles). Additionally, you must bring at least one other written source into your essay– these can come from our reading in class, your research, or other essays in the Brooklyn reader. Your essay must have a discernible exhibit/site. Your essay should be 5-7 pages long. Include a works cited section and in-text citations of quotations—use MLA style documentation. Texts that have been used : Joan Didion “At the Dam” Aldo Leopold “Thinking like a mountain” Ian Frazier “Take the F” Jonathan Lethem’s “Speak, Hoyt Schermerhorn

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