(Solved): social capital


(Solved): social capital

your reading of Hillbilly Elegy.  Based on your reading of the whole book, please address the following: J.D. Vance noted at the end of the book that through his personal and family experiences in Middletown, Ohio Kentucky and in Eastern, Kentucky, he “learned the value of real social capital”. Describe at least two different types of social capital that you found in the book (your references for “social capital” are your class reading by Anderson and Milligan and other assigned readings about social networks, natural helpers and the importance of relationships) and give one detailed example of each type of social capital from the book. Also share anything about J.D.’s family that may have surprised you or disconfirmed any stereotypes you had. ( In order to do this assignment you have to read the book above) 700-800 pages.

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