(Solved): Sustainability at the International company level


(Solved): Sustainability at the International company level

Research Topic: Prepare a research INDIVIDUAL report of no more than 3000 +/- 10% words on the following topic: ‘Attention to Sustainability at the International Level has grown leaps and bounds in the last decade, primarily owing to the awareness of governments, societies and individuals of the need to be sustainable. Using three case studies of multinational firms, examine and describe the current trends in sustainability and demonstrate how these firms have developed their business strategy around it. Conclude by providing insights into the future of businesses with or without attention to sustainability issues.’ use this structure: Executive summary Introduction • Background • Literature review Sustainability challenges Sustainability strategies Case studies • Case 1 – Shell • Case 2 – Johnson & Johnson • Case 3 – Coca cola company Analysis Conclusion and recommendation note: please provide an in-text citation and references in Chicago 16th style. minimum 10 references

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