(Solved): To what extent has Bureau Veritas 2012-2015 Strategic plan been successful?


(Solved): To what extent has Bureau Veritas 2012-2015 Strategic plan been successful?

This is an essay which is a fundamental piece of work for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, it is called Extended Essay. This is a 3,500 to 4,000 words research essay that has to be perfectly written, and it has to be accompanied by a Bibliography and an Appendix, citing all the sources used. It is of the highest importance that the essay contains NO PLAGIARISM and scores at least a grade A (30/36) otherwise this result in a FAILURE of the whole Diploma program. This essay should be focused on Business Management to answer the following question “To what extent has Bureau Veritas’ 2012-2015 strategic plan been successful?” I have done a great amount of research and I have a lot of sources that are easily found on the internet, but I will provide you with them if you contact me. The essay should enclose relevant theories and analysis instruments use, to show a greater understanding of the topic. I am more than willing to explain the assignment in further detail if you contact me and work together with you. You will have to do some research, therefore i am willing to make adjustments to the price if needed. I attached two documents containing an explanation of the grading criteria in order to guide the writing. If you have already written an Extended Essay or other papers for an IB student it is very appreciated. Since it has to be an exemplar piece of work, an outline is required before 04:00am GMT0 of the 20th of November. Preferred price around 95$ or below, open to negotiation. It is important to understand that this essay has to show critical thinking and a good understanding of the topic. DO NOT WRITE A GENERAL ASSESMENT OF BV’S PLAN. You should focus only on few aspects of Bureau Veritas’ plan and explain the theory behind it. If you feel the title is too broad, any change proposals are well accepted. RESOURCES HAVE to be used to SUPPORT statements.

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