(Solved): Unhealthy diet and lifestyles in minority young adults


(Solved): Unhealthy diet and lifestyles in minority young adults

Unhealthy diet and lifestyles is the topic of your educational project that you will provide to the community. The community is Jackson Heights, NY. The community that you will be addressing for your educational project will be minority young adults (age 17-25) The place where the educational project will be held is the Apicha community health center on 4/13/19 from 11am-2pm. Event I will be attending is called Feed-U-Healthy Food Pantry. You have successfully completed your community project and now you must tell me about it. What did you do? How did you come up with the idea for the project? What were the learning objectives for the project? Where did you complete it? How was your project received from the participants? Did you evaluate your project? Did you learn anything from this project? Write an APA formatted paper covering all these topics: • Assessment • Identification • Need • Plan • Implementation • Evaluation • Reflection Follow the rubric and intructions. The attached file that says “Community Assessment Paper” was the first submission. I attached it just for your reference.

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