(Solved): Urban legends


(Solved): Urban legends

3 pages (not including works cited page) 12pt font, times new roman, standard margins The paper must follow MLA format Unique title You must use 3 sources that are based on fact; such as library books, databases, and academic journals. Citations should not be the bulk of your paper, no more than 20 %. One of the sources is your urban legend, no more than 3 are allowed. In-text citations are not optional, not having them is plagiarism. (Examples are in the book and were given; there is no excuse for mistakes in formatting of the paper and paragraphs.) Use the skills learned in class to form your argument. You should be considering rhetoric as well as producing a well thought out analysis. Do not make assumptions or false claims, points should be logical and well thought out. You should be including, -What rhetoric is used and how -Who was the story for? -What is the stories message, (a true Urban Legend is a cautionary tale, the event may have happened but there is a clear reason for the creation) (i.e.: Don’t take candy from strangers) -What about this story warranted it to be circulated within a large population? -Why did people feel the need to tell and retell the story? -Provide an analysis of the story. Here is where you use your sources, there is research done by folklorists that can help you figure out the questions that were asked above. -Does this Urban Legend modify behavior of the intended group? Do not make it personal or include “I” but think about it applying to your first(just don’t write about your experiences). If you think where you first heard stories and how they affected you then you can understand better how they work and who they work best on. RD Due 2/20 (MW class), 2/21(TR class) in class(printed). 

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