(Solved): What are the pros of Ampaire’s proposal, do you think?


(Solved): What are the pros of Ampaire’s proposal, do you think?

Answer the question and make comment : What are the pros of Ampaire’s proposal, do you think? What are the cons of Ampaire’s proposal, most likely. Consider the implications for environmental health, sustainability and green business. Given the weight given in your grade to discussion boards you must be extra careful with your expression. This is not texting or informal chat. It is like writing a memo at work. Always express yourself in complete sentences. This is an opportunity to hone professional writing (which basically means, very clear) and earn a good grade by practicing it. Write your posting on a Word document before you post, use spelling and grammar software and, if needed, have someone else read to make sure that it makes sense. The dark side of being well informed about something is that we assume that others are at the same level, for which we tend not to be clear enough when we explain. Since we are practicing professional writing, assume that you are talking to someone who knows nothing about what you are talking about. Also remember that the best way to learn something is to teach it or explain it to others. As you know, it is best to produce your postings as soon as possible. Maybe tonight. Make sure that you apply grammar and spelling software before you post, though. 1- answer the question with a minimum of 75 words. 2- reply to someone else’s post with and insightful question. 3- reply to someone else’s post with an insightful comment that demonstrates your understanding of the course concepts. “I agree” is not an insightful comment. 4-Do not cut and paste. See checklist.

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