Strategic Audit


Strategic Audit

Prepare a one-page paper telling me your understanding of what a strategic audit is, does, and entails. Do you understand how it pulls together all the business disciplines you have been studying to achieve a certain end? Will be graded according to the SCAN model of writing: S – structure – does the introductory paragraph explain what the paper is about, and what the remaining paragraphs will attempt to state or prove? Are the subsequent paragraphs succinct and functional? C – content – were the ideas logically presented? Was there enough detail present? Was it concrete rather than abstract? A – accuracy – spelling, punctuation, format, sentence structure. If you are not a good – GOOD – writer in English, make certain that you have someone proofread this for you. I will deduct points for spelling, punctuation, improper word usage, and so forth. BE FOREWARNED. I love the English language, and it hurts me to see it mutilated. N – noteworthiness – does the paper show that the student understands the concept of a strategic audit and has original thoughts concerning the content?

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