Successfully Implement Disruptive Technology to Transform Health Care Research Paper


Successfully Implement Disruptive Technology to Transform Health Care Research Paper

Question Description

Current Topics in Health and Wellness Management

APA Formatting

Graduate level writing

9 to 12 pages in length

8 to 10 quality original peer reviewed sources and references

Throughout the course you have examined the cultural implications of fitness and wellness issues and trends. Understanding the foundations of programming and policy implementation, as a current or future health and fitness professional, is vital to success in the industry. Your career is directly impacted by how you assist your community with addressing a current trend/practice, and designing a plan for its implementation. For this paper you will select a community/organization, preferably one you are familiar, and a current trend of interest. You will then provide/present a plan for implementation.

This exercise is designed to help you gain the tools necessary to assess the fitness, sport, and health industry, current trends and practices, and their relationship to health and wellness management. In addition, this will help you understand how current health and fitness trends will impact your personal career in this industry. This project will give you some experience in addressing an issue with a more current trend/practice, and designing a plan for its implementation using evidence solutions.

Using APA formatting, and the audience of a local town hall meeting, establish a proposal to present your idea.

Selecting a Community/Organization & Current Trend of Interest

  • Description of the community or organization of interest
  • Description of the Current Trend (use appropriate scientific rationale for its use)
  • Explanation of the health and/or fitness problem in that community or organization (support your theory or identification of the problem with appropriate statistics)
  • Explanation of the interrelationship between your community/organization and the current health and fitness trend you are reporting on (supported by the research)
  • How the implementation of your idea using the current trend/issue will benefit this community/organization (be sure to discuss the improvements to their health and fitness and support it with current literature)
  • Describe how your idea using this current trend/issue will be be implemented (For this, you may want to begin with a description of the current state of the organization/community, and their current practices)
  • All of the above should justify the use of a current trend and your idea for implementation for the benefit of this organization/community (current research will help here, as well)