Targeted Organization for Capital Assess Management


Targeted Organization for Capital Assess Management

Key Trends In Health Care: Identify 3–5 key trends in the modern health care operational environment that may have an impact on the effective leadership and management of a hospital or health care organization. Potential Target Organizations: Identify 3–5 potential target organizations for which you can find information about the executive leadership, along with sources of financial information for each organization using publicly available information on the Internet. Financial Structure: Once you have identified your targeted organization, you must familiarize yourself with the financial structure of the organization as it pertains to the operational environment and strategic planning. Diversity: Assess the diversity of your target organizations and the potential key individuals for potential interviews to successfully complete the course. For each organization, collect the following information: The type of organization. Tax status, either for-profit or not-for-profit. Key executive leaders. Key Web sites. Basic market demographics, such as target populations served. Locate and analyze the financial statements of all three organizations. Calculate at least two key ratios for each financial statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flows, and income statement. Provide a trend analysis of those ratios across several years. In your notes, summarize the general financial health of the organization based on your analysis. This will form the support for the rationale you use to select your target organization. Note: Select and contact the key executives as far in advance as possible to ensure adequate time to find time on their calendar. Multiple attempts at different offices and organizations might be necessary. Target Organization Selection and Identification Narrow your selection to one target organization that will form the basis for the rest of the assessments in this course. Describe the following information about your targeted organization: How long has the organization been in existence? What kind of work do they do? Possible examples include hospital, clinic, community health, public health, et cetera. What is their target population? Examine your target organization’s mission and vision statements, goals, strategic plan, and organizational structure. Hypothesize how this information might affect their capital asset budgeting. Provide a rationale for your selection. Discuss why you chose this organization over the other two options. Do you have access to decision makers in the organization? Are you interested in the organization? Do you work with, or want to work with, similar populations? Summarize your findings for the organizations in terms of their operating environment, including the previously listed elements. Consider the market competition in the local area and how these organizations fit into the marketplace, including their use of technology. Additional Requirements Demonstrate academic writing skills by communicating with writing that is clear, logical, and grammatically correct. All sources must be cited using current APA standards.

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