Technology and Relationships in a Classroom for Elementary Students with Special Needs


Technology and Relationships in a Classroom for Elementary Students with Special Needs

I will upload my paper for you to put the result and discussion inside the report. Below is an example about the two subjects . -Results The results section comes right after the Method section (it does not begin on a new page). The information in this section includes the numerical/statistical presentation of the study’s results. It should begin with a description of what the numbers represent. For example, in a memory experiment the numbers might represent the mean number of correct items; in a correlational study, each participant would have at least two scores one representing measure X and the other representing measure Y. The context and range of scores are also important. Let’s say measure X is a measure of self-esteem and participants answered 10 questions using a 5-point Likert response format where 1 = not at all like me and 5 = very much like me. The range of possible scores is between 10 and 50; the higher the score the higher the self-esteem. Include this type of information for all measures. Next present the type of statistical tests performed and the results of those tests. This would be a good time to review some of the required statements that were provided to the SPSS Basics exercises. Descriptive and inferential statistics should be included. Discussion The -Discussion section comes right after the Results section (it does not begin on a new page). This section begins with the following statement: The results _____________________ (fill in the blank with support, partially support, or refute) the hypothesis that __________________________________(fill in the blank with your hypothesis). Next, make connections between the results of your study with at least three of the studies used in your introduction. That is, how do your results add and/or change how we understand this particular area of research? This should be followed with any limitations/flaws in your study. The discussion ends with recommendations for future research and why it is important to continue researching your topic. I want simple language Files.

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