The Internet Saved the Records Labels


For my CSUN audition it is required for me to write 1,500 word research paper in order for me to get accepted to the MIS program. The question for this essay is “I recently read an article entitled, “The Internet Saved the Record Labels”, I’m sure you could imagine what was meant by that provocative headline. My question to you is: is it true? If so, how and why? Is the “saving” a permanent change or a fleeting blip? If not, then likewise – how and why?”

Please note that this is not an opinion paper. It is a research essay, and while you may certainly present a premise, you must cite sources of research materials that support your premise, as well as anything (e.g. quotes) that is clearly not the applicants own work. Citations and bibliography should utilize MLA( Modern Language Association) style (8th edition). For additional information regarding MLA style, visit: or see for assistance with MLA bibliography formatting. Not citing sources is considered plagiarism. Please note that use of is not an acceptable source for formal academic work.

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