The Medgar Evers Film


The Medgar Evers Film

MEDGAR WILEY EVERS FILM After viewing the film please answer the following questions in essay format. 1. In the 1960’s minorities were not considered as equal. Do you think things are the same in some ways or different? Explain. 2. How do you feel after seeing Byron D. Le Beckwith’s thoughts on Blacks (or “Niggas”)? 3. What, if any, causes or injustices can you see yourself fighting for? 4. Could you have followed Medgar Evers call to be members of the non-violent Civil Rights movement? 5. As a student of MEC and having gotten some knowledge of Medgar’s struggle, how does his struggle impact your educational goals at this institution? 6. Imagine you were a Caucasian in the 1960’s, what do you think your actions, behavior and perception would be to the Medgar Evers story. Would you have been a member of the Klan? 7. Do you think our responsibility as individuals or groups is to keep fighting for the causes that our parents fought for? Or do you think that those causes no longer exist today? 8. Do you think contributing to ones’ community and leaving a legacy is important to ensuring that you receive an education and taking care of yourself and your family? 9. Do you think in this day and age that we are still fighting for equality? 10. How do you feel now after viewing this film? What stood out most to you?

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