TSU Persona and Statement Positioning & Market Segmentation DiscussionsSchool


TSU Persona and Statement Positioning & Market Segmentation DiscussionsSchool

Truman State University

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Part 1 Personas and Positioning Statement

Audience Personas help paint an accurate, research-based picture of your target audience. For this assignment, you will be creating attitudinal personas representative of the target audience for the Husqvarna robotic lawn mower (learn more (Links to an external site.)). Using the segmentation strategies outlined in your textbook, come up with an “ideal customer” for this product, and write a persona profile (approximately 1 page). Include demographic data, but also dig deeper. Name your persona, give him or her a job, hobbies, media consumption habits, etc.

Then, write a positioning statement for the product that would appeal to your target persona.…

Part 2 Segmentation Analysis

Analyze your decision-making process for the persona you created. Why is he/she a good target audience for the product? How has focusing on this persona helped you better understand how to target your offering? What are some pitfalls you see of using personas, and how can you avoid them? Tie in marketing concepts from your readings and resources throughout the week.

This part should be written as an academic analysis of your strategic decision-making process. The final result will be a 2-3 page critical analysis, double-spaced in 12-point Arial font, written in APA style, with references appropriately cited.……