University of South Florida Health Information System Implementation DiscussionSchool


University of South Florida Health Information System Implementation DiscussionSchool

University of South Florida

Question Description

Please review Guidelines –

Each week you will research a relevant article and post the article as well as a summary of that article using the guidelines stated below. The time frame of your research should fall between January 2010 and today.

The articles you choose should discuss current issues and challenges associated with implementing health information systems as well as lessons learned and ‘good news’ stories of successful implementations.

Search for articles on topics that arise in our readings each week, as this will help bring relevance to what we may cover in our discussion forums.

Please follow the following guidelines when creating your journal entries:

Your review is to be no longer than two paragraphs in length and contain the following sections written in your own words.

A link to the article is to be included with your post.

Each journal entry should follow the following format: Title: You should title your current event in your own words. Do not merely use the title of the “article you chose to review, but rather something that is indicative of the theme of the article and your subsequent discussion on the topic.

Source: You may choose an article from a local, regional or national newspaper, news magazine, online journal, internet site (make sure you check the validity of this source and that it is not just a blog), and relaiable news outlets. Include the given title to the article, the news source, and date of the article(s). [Note – you may find more than one article on the same topic you choose to address.]

Facts: What are the facts, in your own words, with quotations where appropriate, that are appropriate to the topic and issues you wish to address. This should be approximately one paragraph long, which gives the reader enough information to understand the issues and commentary.

Status: What is the status of the topic that you chose to address? In other words, is this a study that has been completed or an implementation that is ongoing? This information will come into play when you are writing your opinion and questions regarding the topic and issues. This section most likely requires just a sentence or two for the purpose of this assignment.

Issues: You are to raise issues that you find of interest. Unlike case brief assignments, do not merely state the issues, but express why you find them to be of particular interest to you. They may not be contained directly in the substantive portion of the article as many of such “reports” merely raise topics and state facts, from which you will draw your own conclusions and questions. Again, a couple of sentences will be sufficient for this section of the paper.

Conclusions: What do you make of this article or news story? What do you think is the next stage of the process if there is any? What is the significance of it from a technological perspective? This discussion section should be approximately a paragraph long and make up the substance of your paper. Questions: What additional facts would you like to know? What additional questions came to mind while you were reading/reviewing this article? This is an opportunity for you to use critical thinking and discuss anything you think may have been left out of the research or article.

Be sure you are using legitimate sources when looking for your articles.