What are the causes and effects of global warming ?


What are the causes and effects of global warming ?

Write a 5-paragraph Descriptive Essay on the following topic: The Most Influential Person in My Life Please ensure that your essay contains the following elements: 1. A well organized introduction paragraph, which starts with a hook; follow with some background information, and finish with a clearly stated thesis statement. 2. Three (3) body paragraphs. Each body paragraph should incorporate: a. a three causes b. three effects for each cause c. a mini-conclusion or transition sentence 3. A well-developed conclusion paragraph. You can guide for these causes , you can add something new if you consider it, you have to put me three effects for each cause Greenhouse gases: 1. Glacier retreat 2. Changes in timing of seasonal events. 3. Sea level rise. Industrialization: 1. Air pollution. 2. Clean water sources contamination. 3. Acid Rain. Deforestation: 1. Changes in the agriculture productivity. 2. Destructions of the natural ecosystems. 3. Increase on the unproductive agricultural areas. The work has to be in APA format , and it has to have 2 pages .

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