Write anything you know about psychiatric pharmacy


Write anything you know about psychiatric pharmacy

Choose any article about psychiatric pharmacy. Heading will include name, date, and topic. (10 pts.) • 1st paragraph: Briefly summarize findings from article. What did the author(s) study and how did they study it? (20pts.) • 2nd paragraph: Relate this article to material covered in your textbook. Does the textbook adequately cover the topic? Does the article do a better job of explaining the topic? Do they complement each other? (20pts.) • 3rd paragraph: Give your critique of this article. Was it well written? Did you learn anything interesting from it? Was it too technical? Would you recommend it to other students? (20 pts.) • References: list the journal reference in APA format. (10 pts.) • Use correct paragraph and sentence structure, grammar and spelling. (20 pts.)

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