(Solved) SNUG302 Leadership In Nursing

(Solved) SNUG302 Leadership In Nursing

SNUG302 Leadership In Nursing


There are 2 parts to this assessment.

Part A Report:

You are asked to prepare a report that recommends a change in nursing practice in the self-management of diabetes and education provided to patients.

In your report, you must include a discussion that includes the following points:- 

1. Describe the practice change – the practice change must be informed by the evidence that you have collected. This evidence can include the articles used in assessment 2 and other articles/evidence you may have found.

2. Discuss the need for the change in practice in the self-management of diabetes.

3. Reflect on the barriers that might impact or hinder the implementation of your practice change and how these barriers may be overcome or managed.

As this is a report, you should include an executive summary (100 words); this is placed at the start of your report. An introduction/conclusion is not required.

Part B: Presentation:

Prepare a 10-minute pitch that will be used to convince the ward staff of the need to change their practice. Your ‘pitch’ will be uploaded as a verbal presentation. Your pitch can be delivered in any way that conveys your ideas but should summarise the practice change and why this is important.  You are encouraged to be creative.

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