Satisfaction Guarantee

The company prides itself for having a highly vetted team of writers in different academic levels and experience. The writers have over the years specialize in different fields which has resulted in significant levels of improvement in quality levels for work submitted. For better efficiency and transparency, the writers are regulated through a ratings systems through which the customer/QAD support team provides feedback on work submitted. This not only helps the writers to maintain good relations with the customers but also allows the company to effectively run an internal award system for top writers. This has been effective over the years in boosting writers’ morale as they work on various projects. In addition, the company has zero tolerance for plagiarized work hence such is not expected from our writers. The standards have helped to position this company among the top players in the market.

Privacy Guarantee

The confidentiality and privacy of a clients and writers is top priority hence several measures have been undertaken to ensure security and better experience on our platform. One of the features we have instituted allows customers to have access to information they have shared with us and allowing varying levels modification on the same at customers’ discretion. Personal information such as names, emails and phone numbers should never be shared with the writers. This can jeopardize the level of security that customers are guaranteed by the company by ensuring that all parties engage through our platform. The support team is available around the clock so should there emerge an issue related to either an order or a personal inquiry they will gladly help. Only information that is required for the completion of an order is expected to be shared with the writers. Any loin information should be shared with the support team who will then liaise with the assigned writer.

Money Back Guarantee

Our company makes 100% money back guarantee on any funds that you upload into your account with the company for the purpose of paying for services. This means that the money is refundable until it has been released to the writer after the completion of an order. The company is fully committed to ensuring that you have a great experience which includes securing funds reserved for an order until you are satisfied with what has been delivered. However, money that has already been paid or released to the writer will only be refunded under extreme cases as prior measures instituted by the company should be able to capture anomalies soon enough. Any amounts arising from canceled orders will be credited to your account with the company and these can be used to make payments for other orders.